How you can get FREE fish and chips every week for the rest of the year

Malt vinegar brand Sarson's is reimbursing fish and chip meals up to £11 to help increase the footfall at chippies this year as more and more chippies struggle to stay afloat

Spam Fritters Are About to Become Your Go To Lunch

Wham bam thank you Spam

12 best wines to sip in summer 2023, from supermarket brands to specialist retailers

12 best wines to sip in summer 2023, from supermarket brands to specialist retailers - These vinos are perfect for sunny days

Five Star Kitchen: this cookery competition may be your chance to finally open that restaurant

What percentage of the public harbours dreams of being a cooking professional? It must be at 10%, 11%. Every day you are surrounded by them. Perhaps you work with a guy who is too into fermentation. A distant cousin spends every weekend laminating dough. How many people in your household dream of retiring at 50 and opening a gastropub? One? Two? Three? A stark fact: no one in this country doesn’t know someone who secretly harbours dreams of...

People can't agree what order salt and vinegar should be put on chips

'I can't stand salt and vinegar'

The top gin distillery 50 minutes from Birmingham with gin boat cruises and summer festival

The award-winning gin and rum distillery offers experiences starting from £10

Chef shares 'foolproof' method that ‘makes the perfect poached eggs ‘every single time'

Looking to cook a poached egg? Chef Adrienne Cheatham has demonstrated her method for the perfect poached egg "every single time" and it takes less than five minutes.

We compared Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Lidl chocolate spread to Nutella and one was almost as good

Could the supermarkets beat the original?

I put 5 different brands of tomato ketchup to the test - and there's only one winner

There are so many different brands to choose from

How to prevent your oven grill from smoking

Enjoy your quick meal without smoking out the kitchen

Booths deal on meat and fish that is just perfect for family barbecue in the warm weather

Did someone say barbeque?

The best single malt whisky to try in 2023

I have tested over 100 whiskies to find the best new options to try this year

Top summer cocktails: How to make them including Paloma and Margarita

The sun is out, and it’s time to enjoy some summer cocktails - here’s your guide to whipping some up at home.

Cook jacket potato with ‘super crispy' skin in under 20 minutes with chef's ‘smush' hack

A jacket or baked potato can take an hour, minimum to cook in the oven. But with a chef's hack, that time can be radically reduced.

We tried Irn-Bru's two new flavours Ice Cream and Tropical and the tin 'gave us a chuckle'

Two new flavours of the staple Barr drink Irn-Bru have hit the shelves. Glasgow Live reporter Keiran Fleming decided to try out both the Ice Cream and Tropical cans.

UK food bills: Can you really save money if you buy frozen instead of fresh?

We are all trying to cut costs on our food shop where we can and swapping fresh for frozen is a popular options for saving money on supermarket shops - but how much does it really save?

Life behind the counter at chippy where customers are like family

National Fish and Chip Day takes place each June in celebration of one of Britain's best-loved meals

The best places for cream tea in Devon

In the home of cream teas, you’re never far away from a good scone. But how to tell the good from the bad? The perfect scone is crumbly, feather-light, warm, and served with fruity jam and clotted cream so thick it sticks to your spoon. Stay clear of anywhere that serves scones with butter, or toppings in tiny packets – they know not what they do. ...

We tried a wild garlic margarita at a bar in Stirchley & it was a drink I’ll never forget

A wild garlic margarita has been served up in a bar in Stirchley with locally foraged garlic

Man buying 99 Flake at ice cream van stunned to learn real reason for name is not 99p price

A 99 Flake isn't called 99 Flake because of its price

Aldi's Nutella-inspired alcoholic drink available at £7.49

A blend of double cream, chocolate and hazelnut, the liqueur is designed to be served neat with ice, or as part of a cocktail

Top fish and chip shop in Derbyshire where owners say they always use the best ingredients possible

The owners say they are "delighted" to have won the award on National Fish and Chip Day 2023

I tried Asda, Aldi, M&S and Tesco's frozen oven chips and one completely blew the others away

"Sometimes price doesn't always make nice"

The Secret Trick Bakers Use To Make Buttercream Perfectly White

It's knowledge from the pros

How to use a pizza oven – expert advice for delicious slices of pie

Discover how to create authentic taste and texture when you use a pizza oven. This is the lowdown from the pros

The best beer garden in Buckinghamshire - as voted for by BuckinghamshireLive readers

There were so many good beer gardens to choose from

I tried McDonald's new McNugget sauces and I can never go back to ketchup and BBQ

McDonald's new McNugget sauces completely changes the hierarchy of their condiments - for the better.

Healthy Egg White Alternatives: Expert-Recommended Swaps for Your Recipes

This article explores the various egg white substitutes suggested by experts in the field of food science and nutrition. Jodie Bennett, Mantwa Radebe, and Barbara Cronje provide their opinions on the best egg white substitutes, such as aqua-faba, flaxseed's, apple sauce, agar powder, and xanthan gum. Furthermore, the article provides nutritional facts and tips from health experts on egg whites, as well as information on popular diets such as the...

Check out these tasty delicacies on your trip to Seattle

Seattle Seattle is known for its coffee, music and pleasant weather. The city is not only known for its breathtaking natural views but also a tech hub with some of the biggest tech companies including Amazon and Microsoft resided here. Also known for its prominent coffee culture and home to Starbucks, this place is a paradise for coffee lovers. Pop...

This Ooni electric pizza oven can be used indoors and outdoors, making pizza parties easier than ever this summer

The Ooni Volt 12 is everything you could want and more

BEAT THE SQUEEZE: How to have brilliant BBQs - on a tight budget

BEAT THE SQUEEZE: Barbecuing can also be an economical way to cook. For a start, keeping the oven switched off will save you money on electricity, writes chef GRANT HOLLOWAY.

Save £2 on five different rosé wines at M&S as summer approaches

The pink drinks on offer come from Italy, Corsica and the south of France

Merseyside's best fish and chip shops - an insider's guide

The best fish and chip shops in Merseyside as chosen by our writers

Marks and Spencer shoppers rave as popular candy revamped into summer classic

Marks and Spencer have announced an exciting new menu option at their cafes scattered across the UK, and excited shoppers are going wild for the new product.

Warm halloumi, lentil and kale salad

Packed full of flavour, this warm lentil and halloumi salad makes a great mid-week meal and any leftovers make for a great lunch the next day.

Low fat lasagne recipe for a quick, easy and healthy dinner

How to shave off calories in the classic Italian bake

Best pizza ovens for cooking outdoors this summer and beyond

Best pizza ovens for cooking outdoors this summer and beyond - Whether it’s gas or wood-fired, these pizza ovens will make you a professional Pizzaiolo pronto

The best beer garden in Bedfordshire - according to you

The pub has a spacious beer garden with plenty of tables for alfresco dining or a drink in the sun.

I tried the viral 'snack of summer' and it was a mess

It seemed like nothing could go wrong but it very much did

Korean fire chicken recipe

Despite its name, this isn’t nearly as spicy as you might think, unless you have a particularly sensitive palate. In fact, I’m sure there are some people out there who will think this is too mild – you can increase the amount of gochugaru, if you like. This chicken is great with beer or soju (a Korean alcoholic drink), because its strong flavour go...

We tried Ooni's flagship Karu 16 pizza oven to see if we could recreate our restaurant faves at home

Stone baked pizza in your own garden

Headed to Canberra? Here's your foodie's guide to local eats

Canberra Canberra, Australia's small-but-mighty capital, punches much above its weight. The world's most well-known museums and galleries are only the stars. Explore the lively brewpubs, hidden gems like the Lennox Gardens, peaceful nature, and family-friendly activities that are available in abundance In Canberra, you will find some delectable di...

Best location to store potatoes and make them last ‘three times longer' with no sprouting

Whether you like them boiled, mashed, wedged or roasted, potatoes are a British staple, and storing them correctly can "extend" their shelf life but "three times".

How to make chocolate chip cookies on the BBQ

How to make chocolate chip cookies on the BBQ - This recipe is so simple, it’s ‘goofproof’, says Prudence Wade