ITV has confirmed their decision to axe chef Gordon Ramsey’s show Next Level Chef after just one series. The cooking show - fronted by the 56-year-old British chef and restaurateur and judges Paul Ainsworth and Nyesha Arrington - sees 12 budding chefs battling it out in the kitchen in hopes of winning a £100,000 prize and an unrivalled year-long mentorship from Gordon.

The new series began airing on ITV in January 2023 and had its finale released on March 2. Next Level Chef landed in the UK after it was commissioned by the broadcaster in June, 2022.

But due to “poor ratings” and the show being expensive to make, the series has been unable to survive in the face of rival shows. Ramsey’s culinary reality competition will continue to air in the United States as it was recently renewed for a second series.

In a statement, a spokesman for ITV said: “There are no current plans for a second series but viewers can watch series one on ITVX.”

According to a national newspaper, Gordon has been left gutted over ITV’s decision to cancel his show. A source told The Sun: "Gordon is highly competitive and he’s gutted the series wasn’t given a second run.

“These types of shows always take a while to get going and for viewers to connect, so he thinks it wasn’t really given a proper chance. But he accepts TV is a brutal world and sometimes shows just don’t work out."

Despite the axe, Gordon currently presents his competitive cooking show Future Food Stars on BBC.

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