A ‘time capsule’ diner has been uncovered on the edge of a ghost town in Toronto.

Professional urban explorer Dave – who goes by Freaktography – uncovered the abandoned vintage diner in Canada, which still has condiments and coffee cups laid out.

The spooky untouched venue boasts green walls, baby pink booths and green leather seats.

But perhaps the most unusual part is that lots of things seem in pretty good condition – almost as if people left in a hurry.

Sharing a video on TikTok, Dave also found a vintage Coca-Cola fridge, a fully-fitted kitchen, and stale coffee mugs still sitting on the counter.

There’s also an ice cream machine, milkshake blender, large coffee machine, and surveillance system all simply deserted. 

In his clip, tables can be seen with cutlery, plates, sugar and menus – with prices offering a snapshot into the past, including bacon and tomato sandwiches for $3.86 and quarter-pound hamburgers for $3.45.

What’s more, the kitchen is still set up for service, with deep-fat fryers filled with oil, plates left out for serving, and a six-ring hob – as if staff could walk in for their shift in any moment.

‘The diner looked as though the owners and staff just decided to up and leave and never come back,’ Dave said.

‘The plates were still stacked, coffee mugs were lined up and ice cream scoops were still on the tray.

‘It was dark and eerily quiet inside, I really enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere while I explored and photographed the building.’

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