A cheeky US chef has poked fun at classic British dishes by turning them 'inside out' to create meals including 'chish and fips', 'mangers and bash' and a host of others. Self-taught chef Anthony Calabro, 27, has taken to social media with a short series of British-inspired inside-out dishes.

Other dishes turned on their head include 'rausage solls' and 'teans on boast'. Former healthcare worker Anthony was inspired to create the wacky dishes after initially getting a comment from a Brit complaining about his US-styled food.

Anthony, from New Jersey, USA, said: "It all started when I saw a video from Beard Meats Food on YouTube. In one of his videos he stopped at Greggs to get a sausage roll.

"So I thought it would be funny to do a 'spoonerised' version of the sausage roll, which was the Rausage Soll. I made that TikTok video and after that, I started getting requests from some people on TikTok to do other British classics."

The food has had positive reviews, with one person commenting on the Rausage Solls; "I might be mad, but those actually seem banging."

Another commented: "There's actually always way too much pastry. I'm actually here for this one."

Some, however, reacted badly to the Mangers and Bash, with one person posting "this is out of order" and another saying "sometimes you need to not think things".

Anthony added: "I’ve found that the Brits have a better attitude towards the videos. I’ve seen a lot of people tagging their friends in the videos and either just laughing about it, making jokes towards each other or the way each other cooks these British classics.

"Some obviously think I’m serious and criticise me, say things like mocking Americans, and tell me I deserve jail time - I never take those comments seriously though. People from the USA mostly will post comments mocking British food, my lack of seasoning or just being appalled by what they’ve seen - people from the USA are more hostile towards the videos about American food, which just seems natural."

The chish and fips see blended potatoes mixed with flour and egg, which is made into a fish shape and then battered an fried, while fish is then fried for the fips. Mangers and Bash use the same type of batter, but it is then stuffed into a sausage casing and then boiled.

Bash sees blended sausage meat made into a paste with water and then fried off. Rausage solls see sausage meat rolled around pastry like a beef Wellington and then baked in the oven. The teans on boast sees croutons for beans and a bread mixture made from beans in a can.

Anthony added: "I think I’ve found my niche in the TikTok marketplace with the spoonerised foods. It’s definitely something I find fun to do and plan on doing more videos."

Anthony has no plans on stopping this theme of cuisine after the videos have racked up more than 10,000,000 views in total.

He added: "I do plan on making more spoonerised British food, though no country’s food is off limits from being featured on my channel. I do enjoy a good challenge, sometimes it’s hard to conceptualise what the outcome of spoonerising food would be, but people usually get a good laugh out of the finished product regardless."

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