As Easter approaches, Heinz has revealed its newest invention and some people think it's "absolutely disgusting".

Recently, Heinz has come up with some imaginative concoctions, such as its mayomust, a blend between mustard and mayo, mayoracha, mayo and sriracha, and mayocue, mayo and barbeque sauce.

Shoppers were definitely baffled when the first batch of hybrid sauces was released, but now Heinz has gone a step further and designed its very own Easter-inspired mayonnaise.

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Yesterday, the food giant revealed its limited edition hot cross bun mayo and, needless to say, the reaction was very mixed. Some loved the idea and wanted to try it immediately, whilst others thought it was a joke.

Posting on social media, Heinz said: "Introducing the Easter treat you definitely didn’t ask for: Heinz Hot Cross Bun Mayo. Made from rich and creamy Mayo, crumbled toasted hot cross buns and swirled with cinnamon spices & fruit pieces, this Mayo truly is one of a kind.

"We have made ONLY 100 jars to giveaway, enter now through the link in our bio before 2nd April", they continued, with a link to its website where keen taste-testers can try to win a jar.

Many people took to the comment section to share their opinion on the latest invention, and some felt it was perhaps a step too far. One wrote: "Even if I could get a jar, I wouldn’t!! Sorry, sounds absolutely disgusting"

"These brands are taking things too far now", said another, with one more adding, "I had to check the date as I thought this would be an April fools joke."

"i’m sorry what is that??? who puts any kind of mayo on a hot cross bun???", another one questioned with lots of sick face emojis.

"Never won anything in my life and today is the day I get lucky", another Twitter user wrote with a screenshot of the winning email, guaranteeing him one of the 100 jars of limited edition mayo.

Whether you love or hate the idea, Heinz is still running the competition so you might get lucky ...

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