Cheese fans rejoice because Morrisons has unveiled two new Easter eggs made entirely of cheese - and they are on sale now.

Foodies looking to get their dairy fix can choose between two tempting choices: a Lancashire and Cheddar egg or a Stratford Blue soft cheese egg.

Both treats are handmade in rural Lancashire, using the finest British cheeses, according to the supermarket, and they'll set you back £5 a pop.

Available in-store and online from today, the eggs might just be the most-debated Easter products of the year. After all, cheese lovers will have to decide how best to enjoy the unusual eggs.

Would you enjoy yours all in one go? Or would you put a spin on the seasonal favourite and pair your egg with crackers or crumpets? Sounds like a brie-liant combo if you ask us.

But you best be prepared to make waves with your choice, if you opt for the 'soft and tangy' Stratford Blue option or the 'soft and creamy' Lancashire and Cheddar over a classic chocolate treat.

As to what fans will say when they get their hands on the eggs, it is not yet clear, but shoppers have been left divided after getting a glimpse of the goodies.

Reacting to the news, one fan wrote: "Great idea."

A second agreed: "This is great news for anyone like me who's allergic to chocolate," and another thought: "My kind of Easter egg, you can keep your chocolate."

But a different person wrote: "Don't ever dare to give me cheese instead of chocolate."

Meanwhile, someone else replied: "I like cheese but this is taking it too far!"

Following the launch of the duo today, My Morrisons customers can purchase the eggs for £4 from April 10 until stock lasts.

Andrew Thomas, Buying Manager, Cheese at Morrisons said: "We're continuously looking for ways to make Easter moments fun and exciting for our customers and we’re thrilled to unveil a real unique twist on a true classic."

Elsewhere, Aldi shoppers have been left in stitches after spotting rude-looking Easter sweets that they 'can't unsee'.

The offending marshmallows are supposed to depict 'bunnies and chicks'.

Unfortunately, customers thought they resembled something else entirely. Hilarity ensued after one eagle-eyed foodie shared their discovery online and the supermarket admitted it could not defend the mishap.

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