The Bachelorette's Timm Hanly recently shocked his fans by revealing he uses 30 cloves of garlic when preparing prawn linguine.

And on Monday, the reality star, 31, shared a video to Instagram explaining his signature mashed potatoes recipe which guarantees the 'creamiest' texture.

The footage begins with Timm mashing potatoes in the kitchen with a stick blender before adding his 'secret' ingredient - a raw egg.

'I've been making this mash since I was 14 years old. The key secret ingredient is you crack one egg into your mash,' he told his fans.

'Then you want to start whipping it like so. This will give you the creamiest mash you have ever had in your life.' 

The camera then captures Timm's expert culinary skills as he whips his creamy concoction into a meal he promises will be a delight to eat. 

This is not the first time Timm has shocked his fans with his unique approach to preparing classic meals.

Earlier this month, he whipped his fans into a frenzy by sharing his unconventional recipe for a four-ingredient weeknight pasta dish.

Hanly shared a video on Instagram explaining how he whips up prawn linguine in just 10 minutes using only a handful of ingredients.

The dish comprises dried linguine pasta, fresh prawns, parmesan cheese and garlic, with a splash of olive oil for frying in the pan.

While these components are fairly uncontroversial, the sheer amount of garlic Hanly included in the dish left his followers baffled.

Despite saying the recipe only needs four cloves of garlic, the accompanying video showed him using more than thirty and he also didn't chop, slice, smash or crush to garlic, instead using whole cloves. 

Back in April, Hanly announced he was expecting his first child with fiancée Briana De La Motte.

The couple shared the news on Instagram, posting a gallery of loved-up photos with De La Motte's burgeoning bump on display. 

The baby news came after the couple became engaged in April last year, after going public with their romance in 2020.

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