Even for the most seasoned of cooks, baking can be a very messy business.

Butter and sugar clumps on the walls, melted chocolate on your apron and flour all over the countertops is the norm for most home bakers. But what if there was a mega-easy hack that tackled one of these common baking messes?

That's exactly what Great British Bake Off 2021 contestant Lizzie Acker has given us as a gift of on her Instagram profile.

The GBBO quarter finalist uses a large jar to control the amount of flour being sifted through the sieve, meaning instead of going over the sides of the bowl, it's sifted directly into it. Genius!

She pours the flour into a jar on weighing scales, then upends the jar inside the sieve before twisting it around to release the flour slowly into the bowl.

You still get the same fine, airy stream of flour into your cake batter, but way less mess.

In the video's caption she says it could be a great tip for baking with kids too!

"For everyone that gets overexcited tapping when sifting flour, here’s the measure, tip, and twist method… It cuts down on the flour clean up afterwards, but is it too much effort?? Could be great for kids," she writes.

Fellow bakers in the comments were obsessed with the tip, saying: "I need to do this, I always end up with powdered sugar and flour all over the kitchen," and "This is clever... I've never thought to do that and I hate cleaning up flour."

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