There are few things quite as soul-enriching as sitting outside on a summer's day, enjoying the sunshine, a beverage and some delicious food with good company.

If you’re a foodie like me (and the rest of the WH team) then you’ll be looking forward to plenty of evenings spent similarly this summer now that the warm weather has made a tentative appearance.



However, if you’ve lived in the UK long enough, then you’ll also be familiar with the haste in which a summer's day can quickly change to something reminiscent of a brisk, Autumn morning. Cue your mum frantically clearing the food from the garden table and heading inside to swap the bbq to the oven.

Well, that’s why Ooni Pizza Ovens, the world's creator and leader of the home pizza oven market, has released the revolutionary Ooni Volt 12 – the brand's first indoor and outdoor electric pizza oven.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor cooking, Ooni Volt 12 offers ultimate flexibility and accessible innovation for world-class pizza-making all year round. The new oven reaches 450 °C in just 20 minutes allowing users to cook a wide range of pizza styles, including classic Neapolitan, New York-style and pan pizzas.

With its timer and temperature control functions and its triple-glazed borosilicate glass door, Ooni Volt 12 offers maximum control throughout the cooking process, for pizza pros and novices alike. The Ooni Volt 12 is also fitted with an innovative Boost function which supercharges the stone reheat time, so the last pizza is as good as the first and its sleek shell design makes it a stylish addition to any kitchen countertop.

And when I say that this is easily the best kitchen gadget I’ve ever tried, I’m truly not exaggerating. I’ve been dying to try an Ooni pizza oven for years now, so when the volt was announced, I jumped at the chance to give it a whirl myself.

If you know anything about Ooni, you’ll know that they’re constantly voted top of the league in any given foodie award. You’ll likely have an uncle or friend who won’t stop raving about theirs, and you’ve probably seen one in the background of an idyllic summer instagram story, with the caption ‘pizza parties are in’. So does this one live up to the hype?

The oven at a glance:

  • Ooni’s first indoor & outdoor pizza oven
  • IPX4 Rated
  • Can reach a top temperature of 450°C in just 20 minutes and can cook Neapolitan style pizzas in just 90 seconds. For lower-temp longer bakes the oven can go as low as 150°C
  • Cooks 12-inch pizzas, meats, veggies and more
  • Fits on any kitchen countertop and weighs just 18kg to easily move around the home.
  • Timer and temperature control system
  • The innovative boost function supercharges the stone reheat time so the last pizza is as good as the first.
  • Versatile balance function – allowing users to control the power given to the top or lower elements
  • Clean, hassle-free and easy to use

My honest thoughts

With the pizza station prepped and ready - no pineapple in sight, thank you very much - it was time to ‘clean’ the oven with a test heat. I was a bit apprehensive of how complex it would be to set up. I’m good at many things, but comprehending instruction manuals on first read is not one of them. So I was pleasantly surprised with just how easy it was to turn on, and heat up.

Once plugged in, you simply heat it at 450 degrees for 20 minutes to ‘clean’, let it cool down and then you’re ready to go. The oven comes with a handy guide that gives you precise cooking and heating times, so the hard work is done for you, and you can take the guessing games out of the perfect pizza.

We went for Neapolitan pizzas, and once the bases were prepped and toppings were on, we placed it in the oven for 30 seconds - with the oven’s timer letting us know when the time was up with a very cute little jingle - and then spun it around for another 30 seconds. The result? Perfectly cooked pizza, with fluffy crusts and a crisp top.

After the initial wave of ‘oooh’s’ and ‘wow’s had passed, we got ready to prep the rest of the pizzas, which all had rave reviews. We also cooked some cauliflower steaks in the oven, which came out just as perfectly, showing how versatile it is to cook up good food in record time.

The final verdict

At its high price point, I’m not going to tell you that this is an investment that everyone needs to make, but if you’re strongly considering buying a pizza oven, I wouldn’t look anywhere else other than the Ooni Volt.

Its sleek exterior will look great on any countertop, and the pizzas it cooks are unlike anything I've achieved before at home. It heats up in record time, and is easy to clean. It’s one of the rare gadget’s i’ve tried that are genuinely worth every penny, and will guarantee you good times, and good pizzas, all year round.

You can buy the Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven for £799 from Ooni here

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