Nutella is one of the most delicious foods ever invented. It's perfect on toast, crumpets, and even porridge - the nutty chocolate spread is an essential item in any cupboard.

But it's no secret just how expensive Nutella has become recently. At £3.20 for 350g, Nutella isn't exactly the cheapest thing to be buying - especially at the rate I get through a jar....

So we put the real deal in competition with several supermarket's own-brand budget versions. We picked a range of budget to top-tier supermarkets, Lidl, Sainsbury's and Waitrose.

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And after a very scientific and thorough taste test, we were really impressed with how well all three supermarket spreads held up. And, we decided one of the own brand spreads really could be a great budget alternative to Nutella.

Below is our ranking in reverse order, from worst through to best.

Last place - Lidl

The hazelnut certainly comes through prominently in Lidl's nutty chocolate spread. But unfortunately, there's not much else there.

I wanted more chocolate to combine with the nuts, but it just wasn't coming through. I also found the consistency of the spread quite thin, compared to the thick luxuriousness of Nutella.

But despite these criticisms, it's still a decent spread, but one for those who are there for the nuts, not the chocolate. And being by far the cheapest alternative on this list, it's worth keeping in mind for your next shop.

Anna's spread rating - 5/10.

Lidl Choco Nussa Chocolate Spread - £1.09 for 400g.

3rd place - Sainsbury's

The Sainsbury's hazelnut chocolate spread was the sweetest of the three supermarket brands. But there was a stronger commitment to the chocolate this time, balancing out the sweetness.

This spread also had a strong hazelnut flavour, and was a bit more spreadable than the others - but at the cost of being quite thin and lacking in texture.

Anna's spread rating - 6.5/10.

Sainsbury's hazelnut chocolate spread - £1.70 for 400g.

Runner up - Waitrose

Now Waitrose's spread was really in the game to win today. The texture of the spread was thicker than either of the previous supermarkets', creating a satisfying mouth feel and enjoyment while eating.

The chocolate came through most strongly in this spread too, with a strong nuttiness that was made even better when put directly onto warm toast. This spread was so close to competing with Nutella, but just didn't have the creaminess and richness that Nutella creates - but for almost half the price of the branded product, Waitrose's own version is a great alternative.

Anna's spread rating - 8.5/10.

Waitrose chocolate hazelnut spread - £1.70 for 400g.

Winner - Nutella

While Waitrose put up a great fight to beat Nutella, the original brand just can't be topped. The chocolate and hazelnut blend so well, both the sweetness, nuttiness and darker cocoa flavours all come through perfectly.

Also, Nutella has a creaminess making it spread so well, and with its rich chocolate taste, it feels both decadent and an immediate moment of nostalgia as it takes you back to your childhood.

Anna's spread rating - 10/10

Nutella - £3.20 for 350g from Tesco/Sainsbury's.


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