A warning has been issued to anybody who eats avocado after a viral TikTok hack. The trick - which has been shared widely on the social media platform - professes to give your avocados a longer lifespan.

But health experts are urging people to take caution and exercise vigilance - because the trick could actually be making you ill. The hack is a breeding ground for deadly bacteria, they've said.

A hack tells people to submerge avocados in water, so they can be kept in the fridge for weeks at a time. But health experts have refuted this.

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IBS consultant dietitian Kirsten Jackson told the Sun: "Generally this is not seen to be a huge risk. When you submerge the avocado into water it provides the ideal breading ground for things like salmonella or listeria that were on the avocado skin to multiply rapidly."

"These pathogens not only stay on the skin of the avocado but also can move inside the fruit, which means when we eat them that would become very sick," she added. Registered dietitian at Birmingham's Aston University, Dr Duane Mellor, said: "The problem is that avocados are full of nutrients which are good for us, they also help bacteria to grow.

"Many of these are on the skin of the fruit, so if you leave it in water you are almost making a broth in which some bacteria can grow." The time taken from picking up salmonella to becoming ill is between 6 hours and 3 days but can be longer. Often it is within 12-36 hours.

The signs and symptoms of it can include anything from loose stools (usually without blood or mucous) to abdominal (tummy) pain, as well as maybe a Fever, a headache or even feeling some nausea (feeling sick) and vomiting. General tiredness is also a key sign.

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