Getting a great plate of scrambled eggs can sometimes all come down to the technique. With so few ingredients, it can be tricky to get the texture and flavour just right.

The classic rule for cooking up scrambled eggs is 'low and slow' but this can sometimes be easier said than done. Now, James Martin has shared his secret to getting the 'best scrambled eggs' in the kitchen.

There's also one 'staple ingredient' which you need 'plenty' of to really take your scrambled eggs to the next level. The TV chef shared his tips during the James Martin's Saturday Morning show.

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He explained how you need butter, cream and green chilli to make perfect scrambled eggs, MirrorOnline reports. But the 'key' ingredient is black pepper and it costs just 90p at Asda and Tesco.

Sharing his tips, James took a glass bowl and cracked two eggs into it. He said: "The first thing you want to do is crack your eggs into your bowl."

He told how he learned to cook up the 'best scrambled eggs' from the late Michel Roux Sr. The chef then used a hand-held metal whisk to mix the eggs before seasoning with black pepper.

James told viewers to 'put plenty of seasoning in' before adding salt in the bowl and butter in a pan on the hob. He continued: "It's like cooking an omelette – the way you cook an omelette is not cook it until it's brown.

"So the eggs must not brown whatsoever." Once the butter had 'foamed up' slightly, he put the eggs into the pan and whisked them.

He said: "Whatever you do you don't stop whisking." While continuing to whisk, James added a little cream to the eggs.

Taking the pan off the heat, he added the scrambled egg to a slice of toast before chopping a green chilli finely and adding it to the top of the egg.

During an appearance on This Morning, James also told people not to put their eggs in the fridge. He said 'all eggs are porous', meaning you should 'never put eggs in the fridge, they absorb all the flavours from the fridge'.

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