Iceland shoppers are clearly impressed with a new ready meal they say tastes "just like Nando's".

The retailer is well-known for its popular products, with customers often keen to snap up everything from baked goods to pizza and desserts. And after a new range was brought into stores, shoppers are particularly keen on a specific ready meal.

Iceland has a number of collaborations with well-known brands, and earlier this year the supermarket teamed up with MyProtein to launch a new range of meals that are high in protein, as well as being low calorie.

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A number of the meals have fans raving about them, and one, in particular, is said to taste like a dish from a popular food chain. Iceland's Myprotein Piri Piri Chicken with Rice come in 550g packs, priced at £4.75 each, or available as part of a 10 for £35 offer.

Each meal contains 550 calories, and 58.8g of protein. Fans have compared the chicken to that from Nando's, adding that the meal is "delicious" and "full of flavour".

One happy customer said: "This is a firm favourite. It says three chill heat and it is hot but not make your eyes water hot. LOADS of chicken and veg mixed in with the rice makes for a hearty filling dinner".

A second said: "Delicious! I love the chicken it tastes exactly like Nando's, will be buying again and again, especially when on offer", while a third wrote: "Five stars. Nando's eat your heart out.

"For a long time, I've looked for a peri peri that replicates Nando's and always struggled. This meal is excellent, super high in protein and filled me up. Will be buying again"

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