People across Merseyside can't agree on the order salt and vinegar should go on chips, with some even saying they don't like either on their chippy.

Earlier today we published a statement from Sarson's, who make the vinegar you'll find in most chippies, on our Facebook page. Sarson's believe the 'correct' way to season your chips is to put vinegar on first. This is to avoid the salt being washed away when you come to add vinegar to the dish.

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However, their statement has not gone down with some people who have defended their own preferences.

On Facebook, Darren Buck said: "No, salt first so the vinegar takes salt to bottom layer of chips then add a bit more salt to re-coat top layer."

Lloyd Knox said: "The salt is a seasoning and doesn't 'slide off', it dissolves.

"So by putting the vinegar on first and the salt on afterwards, it will only go into the first chip it touches. You need to put the salt on first to let the salt get to all the chips then add the vinegar so the salt will dissolve and season all the chips more evenly."

Others defended the 'vinegar-first' approach. Paul Currie said: "It's a pet hate of mine when I go to a chippy and they put the salt on first. It's like 'you had one job'. But it seems too pedantic to actually say something about it."

Gary Dolph Roberts said: "Most chippies used to salt and vinegar at the same time - salt on one hand vinegar in the other."

Yet the combo might not be as popular as we might like to think. Some people said they don't even opt for salt and vinegar on their chips - preferring just one or the other, or in some instances neither.

Kevin Mercer said: "The correct way to put salt and vinegar on your chips is to not put vinegar on."

Kathryn Hughes said: "Neither. Hummus, full fat Hellmann's or Leon Burger Sauce. I can't stand salt and vinegar."

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