It might be the season for Quality Streets and Chocolate Orange, but Cadbury have just announced that a beloved Easter treat is finally coming to the UK, and fans can’t wait.

From next month, shoppers will be about to buy the Creme Egg Bar – the first time that the iconic egg bar will be widely available on UK shores.

As you might have guessed, the 123g bar is classic Dairy Milk chocolate, stuffed with the gooey fondant goodness you usually find inside a Creme Egg.

Eagle-eyed fans may have spotted similar bars on the shelves of B&M stores last year, but they were actually an import launched for the Australian market.

Now, the bar is being rolled out across the country, and should be fairly to easy to find.

Whether you’ve managed to try this treat before, or you’ll be queuing outside of your local supermarket to get your first taste, it’s fair to say that choccie fans are thrilled by the news.

Excitement has filled the comments of Facebook groups, with members of Snack News & Reviews, tagging their Creme Egg-obsessed loved ones.

‘New obsession incoming…’ wrote one excited snacker. While a second added: ‘Oh my actual god.’

‘You know what I’ll be stocking up on,’ a third enthused.

Others fully embraced the springtime treat, saying ‘that’s my Christmas present sorted.’

But for all the enthusiasm about the bar, some commenters were adamant that it was simply too early. ‘Let’s have Christmas first!’ one Facebook user requested, while another was more blunt about their seasonal preferences, saying, ‘We haven’t have Christmas yet, go away.’

The precise release date for the chocolate bar hasn’t been confirmed, but Snack News & Reviews hinted we can ‘expect to see it in shops late December.’

This led to commenters speculating a Boxing Day roll-out date, which might be a bit early for Easter prep, but we’ll allow it if that means we get Creme Egg Bars all year round. 

Even if it isn’t in season, few can resist the allure of the Creme Egg. Perhaps it’s a sentiment we should apply to all seasonal food. Maybe we should start tucking into mince pies in April, too.

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