A culinary couple have opened a French-style all-day cafe and bistro in a village.

James and Jennifer Aspell opened Le Petit Vert, in Main Street, Farnsfield at the beginning of this month.

The business is open five days a week and serves vegetarian/plant-based brunch, parties and cakes. It also has a licence to sell alcohol until 11pm.

“The first two weeks were brilliant, it’s gone really well and as smooth as it can. You always have a few hiccups when you open a business but the feedback has been really great, with nice reviews online - and when people come in they say how much they like the atmosphere, the food and the drinks, it is very positive,” said James.

The business name is French for ‘The Little Green’, which reflects the bistro's intention to be green and sustainable with its menu and the products it stocks - including the beers and wine served.

James and his wife, who have a background in the hospitality sector, already own 400 Rabbits, a bar in Sherwood Forest wedding venue Nottingham and Sherwood Glade.

“We are trying to create a nice, warm atmosphere and something people just feel is welcoming and friendly to come to,” said the owner.

“We want it to be a cosy lovely feel for the people of Farnsfield and hopefully for people to travel to.”

Mr Aspell applied to Newark and Sherwood District Council this summer to sell alcohol at the venue, owned by his parents, from 9am to 11pm seven days a week.

Some residents in the village raised concerns over excessive noise and car parking issues at the time.

Mr Aspell added: “When we put the application in we had a couple of objections but, when we talked with the people about our plan for the business, they were really receptive to it.

“We have had a warming welcome, everyone has been really lovely about it, the response we have had has been overwhelming.”

Le Petit Vert is open Wednesday from 9am till 5pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9am till 11pm and Sundays from 10am to 4pm.

During the morning, coffee, pastries and cakes will be served and, from midday onwards, customers can order from the petit plats menu.

Alcoholic beverages are served all day – with cocktails as well as beer and wine.

The business owners applied for it to be open seven days a week in case an occasion such as Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve fell on Monday or Tuesday.

From 2024, the owners plan on hosting events such as wine and cheese evenings, vegan events and plant-based Tuesdays.

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