Gordon Ramsay is known for his mastery of roasted meat, thanks to his many hacks and twists on traditional recipes.

In line with Thanksgiving, the Michelin-starred chef revealed his recipe for a juicy turkey using an extra ingredient for an unconventional spin.

The TV star uses a variety of ingredients to bring out the juiciness of his turkey, and one standout technique involves the use of bacon to ensure optimal moisture retention.

After a brief initial period in the oven, he strategically places six generous slices of fatty bacon on the thickest part of the turkey breast before returning it to complete the cooking process.

According to Tasting Table, Ramsay explained that the bacon serves as a buffer, shielding the meat from direct heat and preventing it from drying out.

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The added benefit of the bacon fat dripping over the roast contributes to the succulence of the turkey.

The rendered fat eventually combines with the turkey drippings, enhancing the flavour profile of the resulting gravy.

Ramsay emphasised that turkey, being a lean meat, requires additional measures to retain moisture.

His approach of using bacon to cover the breast is effective due to the uneven cooking dynamics of turkeys.

The breast meat benefits from roasting at a lower temperature to preserve its juiciness. However, owing to the bird's shape, the breast tends to cook faster than other sections with dark meat.

By strategically shielding the breast with bacon, the white meat undergoes a slower cooking process, preventing it from becoming overcooked before the remaining turkey is done.

Ramsay also employs a technique of initially placing the turkey in the oven at a higher heat without the bacon.

This step serves to brown the skin before it gets covered, ensuring a balance between moistness and flavour.

The restaurateur goes the extra mile by stuffing herb butter under the turkey skin, providing an additional layer of moisture and taste.

Additionally, Ramsay opts to roast the turkey with onions in the cavity, allowing them to steam the bird from the inside.

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