A top chef has shared her secret to making the creamiest mashed potatoes - and it doesn't involve boiling the spuds in water.

Mashed potatoes are widely considered one of the most comforting side dishes during cold winter evenings, but nailing a creamy texture can be tricky.

Many of us have been settling for less-than-perfect mash for years, according to one chef who sees many repeat the same mistake without realising there's a better way.

Thankfully, Rosemary Gill has revealed her top tip for creating light, fluffy mash, and you don't need to be experienced to execute the hack.

The director of education at the Boston-based Milk Street Cooking School, frequently shared cooking tips on TikTok, teaching eager learners around the world.

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In a recent clip on the school's TikTok channel @177milkstreet, Rosemary highlights the common mistake that home cooks make when preparing mash.

In a helpful video, she explained: "Simmer your mashed potatoes in milk, not water, potatoes are like paste, they release starches into their cooking liquid.

"That becomes liquid gold - allowing us to get lush, silky, creamy, mashed potatoes.

"When you throw out water that you cook your potatoes in, you throw all the starch down the drain, so you're wasting it.

"The milk becomes our cooking liquid, and a replacement for heavy cream."

The content creator also revealed a handy trick for those who hate washing up, saying she mashes her potatoes straight into the pot, with 'no mixer needed'.

Her followers loved the hack, with one calling her a "damn genius" for her innovative cooking methods.

Another chimed in: "This isn't how I have been doing my potatoes for years and everyone always asks how are my potatoes so good."

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