Classic chocolate bar to return to shelves one last time

After the revival of popular Cadbury's chocolate bar Top Deck earlier this year, we asked readers which discontinued treat they would like to see brought back.

Fan-favourite chocolate bar back on sale after discontinuation disappointment

Fan-favourite chocolate bar back on sale after discontinuation disappointment - Nestle said it wanted to create a ‘special opportunity’ for fans to enjoy the ‘unique bar’ once more

Gordon Ramsay shares how to make the ‘easiest' creamy mashed potatoes in 15 minutes

Gordon Ramsay has explained there is a simple way to make mashed potatoes even creamier and more "decadent" in only 15 minutes to cook from scratch.

Monty Don's harvesting tip for Brits to complete in next few days to add 'depth' to food

Monty Don said: "If the leaves are yellowing and seed heads are forming, this is a good indication that garlic and shallots are usually ready to harvest."

Cherry and almond pie: A bake you can change for every season

Cherry and almond pie: A bake you can change for every season - This tasty treat works well with any stone fruit – you could even use peaches for a summery spin

Mary Berry's Tuscan chicken is an easy and comforting one-pan meal

One-pan recipes make preparing dinner during the week so much easier, and Mary Berry's Tuscan chicken is also very comforting.

Don't freeze other foods in old ice cream containers or yoghurt pots

Yes, you might have a whole stack of empty plastic ice cream containers and they may seem practical for freezing goods you want to keep for another time. But consumer advisors suggest not using them as freezer containers - and that applies to containers for other food too, like yogurt. Disposable packaging is designed solely for the purpose it is u...

How to make a croque monsieur

This divine croque monsieur recipe will instantly transport you to Paris! 🧀

Find the best budget coffee machine for your caffeine cravings, starting from just £30

For a bargain brew, you’ve come to right place… ☕

Paul Ainsworth’s French toast with vanilla-glazed peaches recipe

This sweet brunch dish makes the most of peach season.

Bagged salad stops going brown and lettuce stays fresh for longer with Martha Stewart tip

Nothing ruins your cooking like opening the fridge and finding a wilted, wet, bag of mushy spinach, or spotting a red tinge on a recently purchased lettuce

What's in season – September

We've partnered with Gardener's World to bring you the best seasonal picks for September. See our pro tips for cooking aubergines, potatoes, chillies, figs and more.

Cloves: The spice that's more than just a holiday treat

Soon, you'll reach for this spice more often because it's great for apple pie. It's also hard to imagine winter tea or mulled wine without it. Yes, we're talking about cloves. You probably appreciate their extraordinary aroma, but did you know this spice has remarkable health benefits? Cloves are a spice that has been used for centuries. They not o...

Potato casserole: The cozy, year-round solution for busy evenings

When I don't have a clue about what to make for dinner, a casserole works wonderfully. In just a few moments, you can prepare a meal for the whole family. It’s easy to reheat, so it's perfect when everyone returns home at different times. It's hearty and very tasty, and my loved ones absolutely adore it. Potato casserole is a year-round dish. It wa...

Easiest Nutella ice cream with just four ingredients - no ice cream maker needed!

Once you've tried this homemade Nutella ice cream using only four basic household ingredients you'll never buy from the shop again

5 summer spritzes to sip in the sunshine

These sundowners will make a splash at your next soirée, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

French-style potatoes: A simple yet elegant take on a classic

French cuisine is often associated with exquisite dishes and expensive ingredients. However, this perception is not entirely true. France also boasts many dishes that are easy to recreate, impressive in taste, and made with ingredients readily available from local greengrocers. French-style potatoes are a prime example. Potatoes are beloved worldwi...

Expert explains how to keep bread fresh and crusty for an extra 14 days

The reason for bread turning mouldy so quickly is all down to how it's stored and it may be as simple as popping it on the countertop or in a bread bin

Apricot butter: A summer spread to elevate your baking

Velvety spread made from seasonal fruits is my way of making "butter" for challah, fresh rolls, or cookies. It resembles lemon curd, a classic lemon dessert, but citrus fruits are not the dominant ingredient. The main product in the recipe is ripe apricots, but the proportions of other ingredients are significant, too. It's a shame not to take adva...

Grandmother's secret to perfectly freezing fava beans for year-round flavor

Fava beans are one of the favourite seasonal vegetables. Although they are available for a short period of the year, with proper storage, we can enjoy their taste even in winter. Freezing is an ideal way to preserve their freshness, but improperly frozen fava beans can become rubbery and lose their flavour. Today, I'll share my grandmother's proven...

Monty Don shares essential harvesting tips for garlic and shallots to enhance your meals

Gardening expert Monty Don has shared a top tip that Brits should complete in the next few days to ensure they can get the most 'depth and deliciousness' from their home-grown food

2 Summer Recipes From The Social Pantry

The sun is finally shining, which calls for al fresco soirees in the garden. Wondering what to cook? We’ve enlisted conscious caterer The Social Pantry to share some recipe ideas: a goat’s cheese and tomato bruschetta, and a summer berry pavlova. The Social Pantry’s Summer Recipe Ideas Goat’s Cheese & Heritage Tomato ...

How to keep leftover avocado 'fresh and green' for longer with four simple tricks

A 'Culinary Scientist Chef' has explained how you can keep unused avocado 'fresh and green' for longer using four simple tricks.

Rick Stein's beef chow mein rivals Chinese takeaway with his easy recipe

English chef Rick Stein shared his delicious beef chow mein recipe that rivals any Chinese takeaway.

Jamie Oliver's summer chicken traybake recipe is easy to prepare in only 10 minutes

This sticky chicken traybake is made with crispy potatoes and juicy tomatoes and is an easy dinner to make during a hot summer evening.

Easy chocolate cake is made with just eight ingredients and no butter

A moist chocolate sponge cake is well worth learning how to make and Nigella Lawson has the perfect recipe that happens to be gluten and dairy-free.

Daily glass of wine 'may not be as beneficial' as research suggests

A glass of wine a day may not be as good for you as some research suggests, an expert has said. Studies indicating that it may be beneficial to drink small amounts of alcohol are low quality and often compare moderate drinkers with those who have had to give up for health reasons, a new study suggests. Moderate drinking still carries some potential...

Refreshing, thirst-quenching, distinctive: 20 best wines for the summer

Whites The Wine Atlas Carricante Terre Siciliane Sicily, Italy 2023 (£6.50, Asda) Sicily’s Carricante is one of Italy’s most distinctive grapes. It’s at its scintillating best on the slopes of Mount Etna, but this example, from vineyards lower on the island, is brilliant value: softly peachy and gently incisive. Waitrose Blueprint Dry German Riesling Mosel, Germany 2023 (£8.49, Waitrose) With its modest (11% abv) alcohol and stream-over-stones...

Nigella Lawson recipe will make overripe bananas taste amazing again

You can make old bananas taste delicious once again with Nigella Lawson's easy hack - which takes less than half an hour to do.

'Spectacular' takeaway has opened its very first restaurant — and there's free wine

Obsessed with the FREE self-serve wine machines!

Kids in the kitchen this summer can lead to skills that will last a lifetime

People who eat more homecooked foods are healthier

Rick Stein's ‘authentic' spaghetti carbonara is ‘wonderfully creamy' - ready in 15 minutes

Rick Stein has shared a plethora of recipes throughout his career, including his "authentic" spaghetti carbonara recipe.

Study looks at if the French Paradox of a glass of wine a day is actually a myth

Study looks at if the French Paradox of a glass of wine a day is actually a myth - The French paradox, popularised in the 1990s, claimed red wine helps explain why France hasrelatively low rates of heart disease

Tomato and onion salad: A timeless favourite for hot days revisited

Our ancestors didn't need fancy ingredients to create delicious dishes. They used tomatoes, preferably fresh from the vine, the flavour-enhancing onion, and sour cream. This was how the best salad for hot days was made. Do you still remember that taste? Tomato and onion salad with sour cream is a delightful dish. Our grandparents enjoyed it, and it...

15 best rosé wines to brighten your day and drink all summer long

15 best rosé wines to brighten your day and drink all summer long - Fruity and refreshing, these are the best vinos for sipping when the sun’s out

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How to make a baguette from scratch

This bread recipe is so easy to make at home and tastes 100x better than shop-bought, too! 🥖

The truffle products actually worth buying

It’s hard to move for truffle these days. There’s truffle-flavoured cheese, pesto, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Fancy delis are filled to the brim with truffle crisps, while Waitrose recently launched a truffle houmous. And it’s not just the posh shops: Aldi has a truffle mac and cheese. You half expect a truffle-scented multi-purpose spray on t...

How to cook like a Neanderthal: Scientists recreate surprisingly precise recipes of our ancestors

How to cook like a Neanderthal: Scientists recreate surprisingly precise recipes of our ancestors - Archaeologists used a flint tool to butcher two carrion crows, two collared doves and a wood pigeon, all of which Neanderthals ate

Unwrapped stuffed cabbage rolls: A quick twist on a classic

Stuffed cabbage rolls are a classic that has been immensely popular for generations. Although traditional stuffed cabbage rolls are not difficult to prepare, wrapping them takes a lot of time. Since I discovered this recipe, I have always made this dinner. The family doesn't complain, and requests for seconds never cease. I love stuffed cabbage rol...

Add apple for fluffy, juicy ground meat cutlets

Ground meat cutlets are a classic of cuisine. Although they are simple to prepare, they don't always turn out how we desire. It turns out that adding one unexpected ingredient to the mixture can make them fluffy and juicy. Ground meat cutlets are a true Sunday dinner staple. They are most often served with potatoes and beetroot or cucumber salad. I...

How to make perfect, crispy potato pancakes every time

Above all, the perfect potato pancakes are crispy. If they haven't turned out how you wanted them to until now, we're here to help. Remember a few key elements and apply a straightforward trick to achieve this effect. Potato pancakes are a simple dish, but that doesn't mean that crispy potato pancakes will make themselves or that the ingredients ca...

Stop strawberries from becoming mouldy and rotten with 5-minute food storage method

Having to throw away strawberries because you did not eat them fast enough can be frustrating, but there is a very easy way to store them to keep them fresh for two weeks longer.

British better at French cuisine than the French, says Good Food Guide editor

It is considered to be the best cuisine in the world, but now it seems British chefs are producing better French dishes than their counterparts across the Channel. That viewpoint comes as a French bistro in a Leeds suburb has been crowned Britain’s best local restaurant by the Good Food Guide. Out of the 100 restaurants shortlisted, 10 were French,...

How to stop lettuce wilting and keep peppers fresh with simple storage hacks

Chantel Mila is a seasoned professional when it comes to kitchen tips - and her latest advice shows you how to keep fruit and veg fresh for longer.

Mary Berry's 'sunshine' cake is ready in less than 30 minutes - recipe

Resembling the texture of a sponge cake, Mary Berry reveals her recipe for her sunshine cake.

How to avoid bitter courgettes: Tips for safe consumption

It is versatile, tasty, affordable, and available at any market. All this makes courgette one of our favourite vegetables in the summer. However, it should not always be consumed. We offer advice on what to look out for. Can this delicious, delicate courgette be hazardous to health? Unfortunately, yes. That's why it's essential to know when not to ...

Wine expert shares the perfect red to serve with steak - and it's under £10

Tom Gilbey took to TikTok to share the perfect red wine to serve with a delicious steak dinner, describing it as a "rich, juicy, blackberry bomb" of a bottle.

Chateau de Gourdon: 15% off these six wines from an undiscovered gem in the Rhône Valley

Chateau de Gourdon: 15% off these six wines from an undiscovered gem in the Rhône Valley - Château de Gourdon is a fantastic choice if you’re after Rhône wines that offer bang for your buck – especially with an exclusive 15% discount for Independent readers

French green beans: A summer delight with health benefits

Green beans are the taste of summer, and you should enjoy them during the season. Although the most popular version is green beans with breadcrumbs and butter, the French rendition will quickly win over the hearts of family and guests. When I think of French-style green beans, my stomach immediately starts growling. I most often serve them with roa...